Information on Hunting
Recommended equipment/General
Recommended hunting equipment
A conventional repeater mechanism
weapon of at least 30-06 calibre or
larger, up to 40 shots of ammunition
(duty-free), gun licence.
Bow hunting, a compound bow and
arrows, email us for more information.
Unfortunately, we are not able to assume
any liability for losses, injuries, accidents
or delays. We recommend that you take
out insurance to cover this.
Wounded game that is not found
despite conscientious trailing of its
tracks is regarded as having been shot
and will be invoiced at the full price as
per the price-list.
Trophy fees, packaging, insurance and
shipping of trophies are not included in
the daily rates. Trophy and hunting fees
are invoiced locally.
We take professional care of your tro-
phies and will transport or arrange for
them to be transported to the taxider-
Binoculars, photographic equipment,
sunglasses, a hat, sun and insect pro-
tection, light bush clothing, jacket, a
pullover for the winter months of May to
August (for the evenings).

Shooting fee price list