Additional Costs for Hunting
Additional Info regarding Hunt
Additional Costs for Hunters:

Rifle per Hunting Day:€ 25,-
per shot:€ 8,-

Succesfully hunted Throphies will be
skinned and treated as per industry stan-
Any Animal shot at and wounded without
doubt and after being tracked and lost
will be charged in full as per the Trophy
Price List.
Additional costs regarding Taxes on Tro-
phies, transport costs, packing and ship-
ping is not included in the daily rates.
The daily rate and final trophy list will be
payable before departure of client.
Recommended Hunting Equipment
A reliable bolt action rifle, minimum calibre .30-06 or larger, 40 cartridges, weapon license, binoculars, hat and comfortable boots.
During the course of your travels, we can unfortunately not be held liable for any loss, accident, damages and time delays. Therefore we recommend that you take the necessary precautions,eg: INSURANCE.
Tatze  Game Species