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Namibia / Windhoek Airport / RL-Farm
Windhoek > RL-Farm
Entering Namibia
From the airport turn right onto
the B6 to Windhoek. Follow this
road straight through Windhoek up
until you find the B1 and turn right
towards Okahandja (69 km), cont-
inue straight past Okahandja (110
km) towards the town of Karibib,
you will find a sign to turn left to
Omaruru (66 km). From the turn
off to Omaruru you drive approx.
42 km, and on the right hand side
you will find a grass roofed gate
saying RL-Farm. From there conti-
nue straight for 6 km on the gravel
road to the lodge.
Airport Transfer can be arranged.
Hot and dry climate. Winter temperatures often 25°C and more
(July, August), at night sometimes down to freezing point. In
the Namibian summer (December, January) well above 30°C.
For your stay at the farm, no vaccination is necessary.
No visa is required. On arrival, you
will be granted a permit up to 90
days. Your passport has to be va-
lid for at least six months after the
scheduled departure day. It should
contain a free double page for the
official stamps.
  • The offi cial currency is the Nami-
    bian Dollar (NAD).
  • Common languages are German,
    Afrikaans and English.
  • An international drivers licence is
    required for self-driving.