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How much time do I have to plan for?

We recommend you to plan at least 7 days for your hunt so you can optimally familiarise yourself with the flora and fauna as well as fully experience your hunting adventure.

Can I bring my own hunting weapons?

Yes, it is possible to bring your own weapon plus 40 rounds of ammunition into Namibia. However, small weapons and semi-automatic machines are not allowed in the luggage. For African game, you should at least plan to have the calibre 30/060. Even better would be calibres starting at 8 X 68.

Can I rent a hunting weapon locally?

If you don’t own your own weapon or want to save yourself the transport, you can gladly use a weapon from our stock.
The fee for renting a weapon is €30 per day and €7 per fired shot.

How can I prepare for the hunt?

If you are inexperienced and would like to prepare yourself a little bit, we recommend you to practise in a shooting simulator. In the Namibian bush savanna, it is often necessary to shoot quickly. Therefore, practise firing quick shots in succession. This will help you in an extreme situation. Moreover, we recommend that you read the corresponding literature about Namibia’s wild animals.