Q & A / 2

When is hunting season?

01 Feb. – 30 Nov. 2021.

What do I have to bring in my luggage?

Binoculars, pocket light, knives, photo equipment, lightweight safari clothes (muted colours), light footwear, sunglasses, hat, sunscreen and insect repellent. For the cooler winter months (May-September) parka, pullover and gloves.

Do I need a hunting licence in Namibia?

You need no hunting licence for hunting in Namibia.

I would like to hunt with the bow…

You need a compound bow and arrows for bow hunting.
Please contact us with regard to this.

How do my trophies get home?

There are a few taxidermists and forwarders in Namibia that have been authorised to prepare trophies for shipment.
Your trophies are taken care of professionally after the hunt. We transport them to the taxidermist.

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