for minors

Important information for travelling with minors

With reference to the entry provisions of neighbouring countries, it is currently common practice at Namibian border controls to check the position of custody rights with the entry and exit of minor children. Persons below the age of 18 must be able to present a birth certificate, in which the parents are listed, besides the passport.
An international birth certificate or, if applicable, a certified English translation is necessary.
Unaccompanied minor children require the consent of both parents for the entry and exit (”Affidavit”) that the child may travel alone. The certified copies of the passports of both parents must be attached to the Affidavit.

If a minor is not travelling accompanied by both parents entitled to custody, it must additionally be proven that the nonpresent parent either agrees with the travel (”affidavit”), copy of the passport and contact data of the non-present parent) or that the declaration of consent is not necessary (court order regarding sole custody or death certificate or negative certificate of the German Youth Welfare Office if the minor person resides in Germany).

Persons, who travel with minors, who are not their own children, must, besides the full birth certificate of the child, submit affidavits, copies of passports and the contact data of both parents entitled to custody or of the legal guardian of the child.
Minors travelling alone must in addition submit a confirmation letter including contact data and residential address, a copy of a passport and, if applicable, a copy of the Namibian residence permit of that person to whom the minor is to travel in Namibia, upon entry.

Affidavits shall require the certification by a ”commissioner of oaths” (in Namibia), a notary public or a Namibian diplomatic mission.
It is urgently recommended to submit declarations and certificates in the English language or translations. Changes to the provisions at short notice or deviating interpretations by individual official authorities cannot be excluded.
You can receive more detailed and binding information from the Namibian Ministry of Home Affairs and Immigration or the Namibian diplomatic mission that is responsible for your place of residence.